WowWee Femisapien

WowWee Femisapien is a logical and quite unique addition to their humanoid robot toy family. By creating this robot people at wowwee have managed to get it right. Its looks, features and other things really create a feeling of a feminine being.

Some sources position this robot as being oriented at adult audience. As I know this is wrong. The official manual states that the robot is intended for ages 8 and up. Of course, there are people that perceive it as something pervert. Well, it's no more pervert than barbies are.

You may have heard also about a female robot - SEGA EMA. Don’t be confused if you see it, it's not a rip off. It's basically the same robot but everything is legal here. SEGA bought a license on wowwee femisapien and they can manufacture and sell it rebranded. I'm not aware if there are any differences between the two.


Femisapien by, released under Creative Commons license.

So, are you interested to find out what can it do? The robot has 56 functions such as dancing by the music, walking with you, chatting with you or with another robot and many others. Also it has 59 hidden functions that can be explored.

There are three function modes. Namely these are - attentive, responsive and learning modes. You can switch between these modes by tilting her head. When the head is tilted down the femisapien is in the learning mode, tilted up - in the attentive mode. When she looks forward - she is in the responsive mode.

Responsive mode is her main walking mode. While she's in this mode numerous walking functions as well as some comedy routines can be accessed. The attentive mode on the other hand is meant for interaction with you. In this mode functions such as "dance with me" and many others can be accessed.

The learning mode differs from both above mentioned modes as in this mode you can program a custom routine. Different preprogrammed actions and some custom movements can be arranged in a sequence you like.

Anyway, this is a good piece of engineering. The mechanics are quite ingenious, as a result she has a really feminine gait, also it is quite agile and a real dancing robot. This is one of the few commercially available robots that really dance. Also, the level of artificial intelligence is quite notable.


When I mentioned 56 functions and 59 hidden functions you probably thought what a pain the control od this robot should be. Maybe it would be so in case of a remote with many levels of "shifts". However, wowwee came up with another ingenious solution for this robot.

The femisapien can be controlled without a remote. I already mentioned that you can switch between function modes by tilting her head. That's not all though. Her hands can be used as joysticks. Both of her hands can be pushed in four directions.

Different combinations of hand positions call different functions and routines in different function modes. This way you can really interact with the robot. I mean with the robot not with the remote. She also responds to hand gestures and sounds. In some modes she makes use of her sensors and interacts with the environment too.

Some people say this kind of control is inconvenient. There are great news for you if you have the same opinion. She can be controlled also with robosapien's remote that can be bought separately.

The bottom line? Femisapien is not a very good walker because she can walk well only on hard, level surface. Also, it is dangerous to let her wander alone on the table because she has no cliff detection thus she can fall off it.

Still, she has a stunning dancing ability and many features to explore. Chances are that no one will get bored by it quickly no matter how old they are. It's a fun thing to play with and can be quite useful too if abilities such as the business card presentation are used. An interactive Barbie if I may say so.






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