ABB robots

ABB robots are used in industrial environment worldwide. The company has a vast experience not only in the field of robotics but others as well. This has ensured its steady growth in the industrial robot market.

Although ABB is a company with a wide range of activities such as power products and systems as well as automation products and process automation, I will focus more on ABB robotics.

ABB is one of the largest industrial robot manufacturers. They operate worldwide in more than 100 countries including but not limited to USA, Australia, Canada, EU countries and more.

This worldwide presence ensures one important thing I have mentioned earlier in my article on industrial robots - proximity. Wherever you are, there’s a big chance you can find an ABB office nearby.

So, what can ABB offer to you? Essentially - industrial robots for various industries including Automotive, Foundry and Forging, Metal fabrication, Plastics, packaging and picking etc. Also, ABB offers Industrial Software products, robot controllers and software, robot equipment and work cells, service as well as used industrial robots.

Robot arms and tools

In more specific terms - ABB robot arms have payloads ranging from 6 kg (IRB 140) to 500 kg (IRB 7600) with reaches from 0.81 m (IRB 140 again) to 3.5 m (IRB 6650S). These arms can be accompanied with different tools and used for different applications like welding, material handling, etc.

There are also robots made for specific tasks. For example, painting robots - like IRB 52 and ready to use arc welding packages like IRB 1410 ArcPack. ABB claims it's an easy to use, reliable and cost efficient arc welding function package. I don't know if it's true though because I haven't seen it in action in an existing factory. However, I have no reason to doubt it either.

Take a look at IRB 52 painting robot in action.

ABB Robot controllers

ABB also provides with other things needed for an industrial robot to work. These include robot controllers - IRC5 which is used for most of the applications and IRC5P which is designed specifically for painting robots. Also, it may happen that you encounter some of the older generation ABB robot controllers like S4, S4c and S4C Plus. These were used starting with 1994.

There are also older robot controllers but it is very unlikely to spot them somewhere in operation. I am talking about S3 which was used from 1987 to 1996. By now it's morally and functionally old it doesn't even understand TCP-IP protocol. (If you don't know what it means - never mind)

Robot software

Essentially ABB provides their controllers with appropriate software too. Controllers work with a software called RobotWare. This ensures the functionality as well as programming options. There are also various separate software packages meant for specific tasks like for foundries. RobotWare is running on ABB's newest - IRC5 controllers.

There's also one quite exciting thing when talking about ABB's software. A robot offline programming environment (or a virtual robot studio) called RobotStudio. There are two available versions - RobotStudio S4 which is a simulation of S4 controllers and RobotStudio 5 which is designed for IRC 5 controllers.

This is quite a useful tool that can help you reduce robot down times. Did I mention it? RobotStudio can be downloaded and used in its basic functionality mode for free at ABB robots simulation download page. Enjoy!

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